We are excited to announce a week of upcoming giveaways for Fenway Civic members.
Thanks to the generosity of Samuels & Associates, we will be giving out the following digital gift cards from July 13 to 17 –
  • Monday :       3 $25-gift cards to Fenway Beer Shop 
  • Tuesday:       3 $25-gift cards to Blackbird Doughnuts
  • Wednesday: 3 $25-gift cards to Saloniki
  • Thursday:     3 $25-gift cards to Eventide Fenway
  • Friday:          3 $25-gift cards to Basho 
Keep your eyes open each weekday morning at 10:00 a.m. for a quick quiz from FCA – the first three members who respond correctly will receive a digital card.
Each member can ‘win’ up to two times – you must be a member of FCA to play.
Thanks to Samuels for this contribution and their following message:
“Samuels & Associates recognizes the key role of local businesses within our community, as employers and gathering places. We strive to support our tenants and neighbors at all times, and especially during this challenging period.”

Dear Members and Friends:

Looking for a bright spot to start your July? Please spread the news of these free events on July 7th, courtesy of Kaji Aso Studio.
Take a moment to share your wishes at Symphony Park, and drop by for a virtual event with art, poetry, and music that evening – details below!
TANABATA: An Ancient Story for Modern Times
Presented by Kaji Aso Studio in partnership with Symphony Park
Tanabata is a beloved celebration in Japan which recognizes an Ancient Story of separation, longing, hopes, wishes and reunion. It is celebrated on the 7th day of the 7th month (July 7th). Every year Kaji Aso Studio presents art, poetry and music inspired by this story and participants help celebrate by tying wishes to green branches (in Japan – bamboo).  This year Kaji Aso Studio joined in partnership with Symphony Park to help the community learn about and enjoy this story to nourish our hearts.  More than ever we can empathize with the couple’s patience, longing and promise to be together. Find out more here: https://www.kajiasostudioevents.com/
Two ways to participate for FREE that are open to the public:
  • Tuesday, July 7th – anytime from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. please visit Symphony Park (39 Edgerly Road/behind Whole Foods) to see the 5-color streamers flying and write your own wishes to tie to the bamboo “Wishing Tree”.
  • Tuesday, July 7th starting at 7:00 pm EST join the virtual event inspired by this theme for an Evening of Art, Poetry and Music presented by Kaji Aso Studio CLICK HERE for TANABATA July 7th @ 7 PM
Acknowledgements: This project is supported by a Transformative Public Art grant from the City of Boston Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture.  Kaji Aso Studio programming is also supported in part by a grant from the Boston Cultural Council and administered by the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture; and a grant from the Mission Hill / Fenway Neighborhood Trust. 
Dear FCA Members:
Save the date!
With work beginning in July on the Phase II project, the Muddy River Maintenance and Management Committee (MMOC) invites you to join in the virtual Phase 2 Construction Preview next Tuesday, June 30, 2020 from 6pm to 7pm via Zoom.
See attached for how to register, or go to:
As one of the original MMOC members, Fenway Civic would like to ensure this information is widely available to the public.  See the flyer for more details.

Dear Members:

Please see the following announcement from Mayor Walsh regarding today’s Census Day of Action.
We hope you will take time to register if you have not done so.
Links for completing by phone or online are below.

Have you completed the 2020 Federal Census?

Every ten years, the federal government conducts a census, with a goal of counting every person living in the United States. The data collected ensures that our communities get fair representation in Congress. It also determines where billions of dollars in federal funding will go over the next decade. This funding supports things like healthcare, food and nutrition programs, education, childcare, and housing. In the video below, I discuss the importance of the Census:
As our City continues to battle the COVID-19 crisis and works toward an equitable recovery, it’s more important than ever that everyone fills out the census so that we get the resources we need. In the years to come, federal funding will play a key role in providing relief to local families, veterans, the homeless, schools, small businesses, and more. Filling out the 2020 Census is an immediate action you can take to help with our relief efforts from the safety of your home. 

So I’m asking everyone to fill out the census, if they haven’t already. It takes just a few minutes, and you can do it online or over the phone. It’s also available in 13 languages. Go to my2020Census.gov or call 844-330-2020 to participate. In the event you misplaced or never received your census ID, this guide will explain how you can still respond without it.

Please remember, your responses are safe and confidential. You will not be asked about your immigration status, and your answers will not affect any public benefits you receive.

We want to make sure that everyone gets counted, because in Boston, everyone counts. This is a time to make your voices heard, own your power, and help keep Boston strong for years to come.

Thank you,

Mayor Walsh



The City of Boston has 13,186 positive cases of coronavirus (confirmed and presumptive). So far, 8,214 of these 13,186 residents have fully recovered. Unfortunately, there have been 682 COVID-19 related deaths in Boston.


The City posts race and ethnicity data for deaths, as well as for confirmed cases here.


The Boston Public Health Commission will be providing the updated total of cases in Boston residents as it is received from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Information can be found at boston.gov/coronavirus or bphc.org.


Massachusetts has 105,690 positive cases of coronavirus (confirmed and presumptive) and 7,647 deaths reported at this time. Massachusetts has also tested 712,875 individuals to date.


The City of Boston has two dashboards to provide statistics on COVID19 cases in Boston and throughout Massachusetts. View them here.


The City of Boston has a free texting service to provide daily updates and information about the coronavirus. Text BOSCOVID to 888-777 to opt-in for English. Language and communications access remains a priority for Mayor Walsh, so this text service which was available in Spanish, Haitan Creole, French, Cabo Verdean Creole, and Portuguese, now includes Somali, Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese and Russian.
  • Text BOSEspanol to 888-777 for Spanish
  • Text BOSKreyol to 888-777 for Haitian Kreyol
  • Text BOSFrancais to 888-777 for French
  • Text BOSKriolu to 888-777 for Cabo Verdean Creole
  • Text BOSPortugues to 888-777 for Portuguese
  • Text BOSSoomali to 888-777 for Somali
  • Text BOSChi to 888-777 for Simplified Chinese
  • Text BOSbilAraby to 888-777 for Arabic
  • Text BOSViet to 888-777 for Vietnamese
  • Text BOSRus to 888-777 for Russian
Updates in 10 total languages can additionally be accessed through boston.gov/coronavirus#multilingual-help. Each language has its own page and hosts multilingual print materials distributed citywide.




The Mayor announced an initial set of actions for racial equity:


  • He declared racism to be a public health crisis in the City of Boston, and is backing this declaration with an initial investment of $3 million transferred from the police overtime budget to the Boston Public Health Commission. The BPHC will work with the City departments on strategies to directly address the impact racism has on the lives and health of Boston residents.


  • The City will be taking a number of steps in law enforcement accountability.


  • The Mayor also announced steps the City is taking in the FY2021 Budget to further ground public safety in community health and wellbeing.
    • He is proposing to reallocate 20%, or $12 million, from the Boston Police Department’s overtime budget. That money will be invested instead in community programs for our youth, for the homeless, and people struggling with the effects of inequality.
    • That includes the initial $3 million to implement our Public Health declaration;
      • $1 million to support trauma response and counseling at the Boston Public Health Commission.
      • $2 million for community investments through other City departments, including violence prevention, language access, food security, immigrant advancement, elder support, and the Human Rights Commission.
      • $2 million for programs supporting minority and women-owned businesses.
      • $2 million for housing security and ending youth homelessness.
      • And $2 million for emergency clinicians and mental health supports provided through the Boston Police Department when they respond to residents in crisis.


  • The Mayor has signed the Mayor’s Pledge issued by the Obama Foundation’s My Brother’s Keeper Alliance. My Brother’s Keeper was launched in 2014 to empower young men and women of color. Boston was at the founding and we have made sure Boston is a leader in this alliance.
    •  What the new pledge says is this:
      • 1, We will review our Police use-of-force policies;
      • 2, We will engage communities by including a diverse range of input, experiences, and stories;
      • 3, We will report the findings of our review to the community and seek feedback;
      • And 4: We will reform our use-of-force policies based on that conversation.


  • To make sure our commitments translate into action, the Mayor is creating a new Task Force.
    • It will be led by Bostonians from civil rights organizations, the legal community, and the faith community.  It will be chaired by Wayne Budd, the former US Attorney for the district of Massachusetts— and a respected, longtime leader in Boston’s legal and civil rights communities.
    • The Task Force will conduct an immediate review of force policies and other equity issues at the Boston Police Department. And it will provide guidance on how we strengthen the Community Ombudsman Oversight Panel, the Co-op Board, to ensure that their work is effective. The Mayor will be accepting any changes that they recommend.
    • The Task Force will begin immediately and produce recommendations within 60 days. The community will then have time to review the recommendations and provide feedback. And we will announce reforms.


  • The Boston Police Dept. has been deeply committed to community policing and positive reform since the beginning of the Mayor’s administration. They continue to build a strong foundation of trust—in relationships with young people and members of the community in our neighborhoods. Their work starts with positive interactions in our communities and classrooms — and in programs like Coffee with a Cop, Flashlight Walks, Peace Walks, and Shop with a Cop. They provide prevention and diversion supports for at-risk youth and families. And they offer pathways away from violence for those who are ready to make a change [e.g., partners in Operation Exit].
  • The results of this work are evident:
    • From 2013 to 2019: complaints of improper behavior fell by 40%; and complaints of excessive force dropped by over 50%.
    • Over that time period, the crime rate is down by nearly 30%; arrests are down 33%; and officers have taken 5,000 guns off the streets.
    • We’ve made this progress, over the last 6 years, by lifting people up, not locking people up. That’s what we’re going to keep doing here in Boston.
    • The men and women of the Boston Police Dept. are increasingly reflective of the community they serve.


  • The $3.61 billion recommended budget represents an increase of $119 million, or 3.4 percent over the FY20 budget, and the resubmission follows over 30 City Council hearings that helped identify opportunities for further targeted investments and cost-savings.
  • In this budget resubmission, the City has accounted for a projected $65 million in revenue loss as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, $30 million of which was initially accounted for in the Mayor’s original budget proposal in April. Despite this lost revenue, and as a result of six consecutive years of proactive fiscal management that has positioned the City of Boston to continue investing in core city services and resident needs at a time of global economic uncertainty, the budget resubmission affirms Mayor Walsh’s historic commitment made in his State of the City address in education and housing.
  • Through those commitments, the City will allocate $80 million in new funding for the Boston Public Schools to both meet the challenges of COVID-19 and work towards closing achievement and opportunity gaps. This budget marks the first year of the Mayor’s $100 million commitment to new revenue for direct classroom funding, over and above cost increases. This funding will reach every school in the Boston Public Schools district, and will begin with intense support for underperforming schools.
  • The budget also protects Mayor Walsh’s unprecedented commitment of $500 million over five years to create thousands of homes all across our city that will be affordable to residents at a range of income levels.
  • The FY21 budget fulfills the first year of the Mayor’s commitment of City resources with an $18 million investment in new operating and capital fundings. In the first year of this new housing investment, the City is dedicating new funds to create affordable homeownership opportunities, preserve and generate affordable rental opportunities including Boston’s first City-funded rental voucher program.
  • For more information about the budget, visit Boston’s budget website at budget.boston.gov.




  • Today the Mayor announced a new mortgage and down payment program, ONE+Boston, which gives income-qualified first-time Boston homebuyers greater ability to purchase a home in Boston by combining a discount on a low-interest rate mortgage product with down payment assistance.
  • The ONE+Boston program was designed to supplement one of the state’s existing affordable mortgage programs (the ONE Mortgage) by providing qualified buyers, based on area median income, additional discounts on interest rates. With the new ONE+Boston program, qualified Boston residents who earn between 80% and 100% area median income will receive a half percent (0.5%) discount rate off the already low-interest rate offered through the ONE Mortgage product (currently about 3%). In addition, Boston residents who earn below 80% of area median income will receive up to one percent (1%) off of the current ONE Mortgage rate. Qualified buyers will also be eligible for downpayment and closing cost assistance through the Boston Home Center.
  • For example, a family of four making 100% of area median income of $119,000, could afford a $410,000 single-family house in Boston with a conventional loan. With the ONE+Boston program, the same family could afford a $539,000 single-family house in Boston.




  • The City is providing a way for residents to find local restaurants that are offering  take-out and delivery service, and outdoor seating during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. Find the restaurant listings here.




  • Beginning June 22nd, patrons will be able to pick up physical items such as books, DVDs, and CDs from select Boston Public Library locations as a part of their new program, called “BPL to Go.”  Patrons can “order” items from the library by placing a hold on them, then safely pick them up from select branches.
  • The pilot program will launch first at five locations: the Central Library in Copley Square, the Codman Square Branch, the East Boston Branch, the Jamaica Plain Branch, and the Mattapan Branch. The program will be expanded throughout the system in the coming weeks.
  • You can place items on hold by visiting bpl.org; on the BPL mobile app; or by calling the library’s main number at 617-536-5400. When they are ready, you will be notified and asked to schedule a time to come to their pickup location.
  • Pick-up times: Central Library, Monday – Thursday, 11am – 6pm, and Friday & Saturday, 11am – 4pm. At the branches, Monday – Thursday, 2 – 6pm; and Friday 2 – 4pm.
  • For more information, please visit bpl.org/takeout, or download the iPhone app in the Apple App Store. Patrons can also call the main number of the Library at (617) 536-5400 or email ask@bpl.org to have their questions answered.

Dear FCA members and friends:

The Army Corps has issued its first 90 day look-ahead for Phase 2.  There will likely be questions along the way as Phase two begins implementation in designated areas.  We will do our best to keep you informed through our representation on the Muddy River Maintenance and Management Oversight Committee and also point out that the address for questions directly to the Corps MuddyRiver@USACE.army.mil.
All are invited to this virtual event – details at: https://www.emeraldnecklace.org/events/annualmeeting/
While classes at Symphony Park and Clemente Field have paused, Boston Parks and Recreation have put together free virtual classes for everyone.
Event: Check-in Town Meeting with Fenway Legislators

Time: Jun 9, 2020 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Description: Representatives Jon Santiago, Chynah Tyler, and Jay Livingstone and Senator Will Brownsberger will be holding a town hall style meeting on Zoom to hear questions, thoughts and concerns and share views about legislation and current events.
Meeting ID: 939 1752 2335
Password: 704329

One tap mobile
+19292056099,,93917522335#,,1#,704329# US (New York)
+13017158592,,93917522335#,,1#,704329# US (Germantown)
Dial by your location
+1 929 205 6099 US (New York)
+1 301 715 8592 US (Germantown)
+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
+1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
Meeting ID: 939 1752 2335
Password: 704329
Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/ab5ABLTUMS


Dear Members and Friends:

Please take a moment to fill out this survey from the Fenway Community Center and help shape the center’s services and programs.
FCC continues to offer programs and events online – for more information, visit: https://fenwaycommunitycenter.org/ or follow it on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fenwaycommunitycenter/